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First Carbet Fall

After an unsuccessful first attempt to get to the first of Carbet Falls, and despite poor climate conditions, we attempted the hike again today. As we did at La Soufrière, the hike was done at relatively high pace (1 h and 6 mn to get up the, compared to the 1h 45 mn advertised, and then 56 mn to get back).

The weather got worse when we were getting back to the booth of the forest services, they were starting to advise visitors to turn back and come another day.

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Our day-trip to Marie-Galante started with a rainbow followed by one hour of ferry.

We started the visit (due to scheduling constraints) with the three rhum distilleries of the island: Père Labat (Poisson), Bielle and Bellevue. All three produce Rhum Agricole with 59% alcohol. The rest of the day was spent driving around this very rural island: sugar cane fields, old windmills, beaches, etc.

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La Soufrière

We were supposed to go to Marie-Galante today, but the ferrys were full. La Soufrière is usually covered in clouds, but this morning there were almost none. So we decided to hike “athletically” to the summit (getting to the top is advertised to 1 hour 45 minutes). Armed with one of my latest toys (Garmin 310XT GPS watch), I registered the hike: 2 hours and 21 minutes (1 hour 10 mn to get to the top, 15 mn walking around the summit, 55 mn to get back), 7.2 km, 561 m of elevation. The highest point is called “La Découverte” and sits at 1467 m.

We were lucky to have the weather hold while hiking (it got much cloudier a few hours later) and that gave us some really nice pictures.

After La Soufrière, we went to Basse-Terre (the city) and Vieux-Fort.

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Fishing in St François

We spent most of the day on a boat.

We did catch some Mahi-mahi. Aline caught the smaller one (5 kg, we brought home this one and ate it) and I the other one (8 kg). We also caught and released 2 barracudas.

We also went and did some snorkeling at Petite-Terre, close to the Terre-de-bas island. We saw many fishes (including an impressive 1.5 m barracuda) and turtles. The heavy current in the channel prevented us to swim to the other island, where baby sharks usually are.


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Les Saintes

Les Saintes is a popular destination of Guadeloupe. With one of the most beautiful bay of the world (supposedly behind Rio and Ha Long), it is packed with nice beaches and lanscapes. The visit to the Fort Napoléon was an opportunity to learn a little bit about the history of the islands and to see half the island from a vantage point.

One popular way of travelling around the main island, Terre de Haut, is scooters (cars are almost non-existant). But with many slopes and bumpy roads, caution is advised.

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First wreck dive

No pictures today. Aline and I visited the “Franjack” today and it was our best dive ever. So many fishes in one spot, it was really impressive.

On a side note that shouldn’t discourage other divers, the dive stopped somewhat abruptly when our instructor got bitten by a 9-feet green moray.

This was the last dive of our courses.