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We stayed 3 days in Goa and it wasn’t enough. Goa is a state not a city. We stayed in the center of it, close to the capital Panaji, and we didn’t have time to go to the best beaches, which are either in the north or very far in the south. Well far is different in Goa. The traffic is dense and slow, and taxis/rickshaws are expensive by indian standards.

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Tested for you: Kingfisher beer

When in India (especially when you’ve just arrived), you need to be very careful with what you drink. So no tap water. There are reports that in some places in India they refill mineral water bottles with tap water and reseal. But we digress. One of the most common things you’ll find to drink on menus in Goa is Kingfisher Beer.

Verdict: it’s a Lager. We’re not beer specialists, it was warm, we enjoyed it.

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Tested for you: Unknown green shot

At the marina mall in Abu Dhabi, there’s a tower with a rotating restaurant at the top. It means that while you’re eating or drinking the view changes slowly. Before getting our (non-alcoholic) beverages, we were served an unknown green shot glass.

Verdict: It’s good. A variation on lime juice with sugar and ground mint leaves.

Bonus picture: a traditional boat from the area.


Tested for you: Camelicious

During our journey when we might find some local dish or specialty… and we might even taste it. If we do we’ll report it here.

First test will be camel milk, provided in 250ml plastic bottle of brand Camelicious, made in U.A.E. and bought at a Lulu supermarket in Abu Dhabi.

Verdict: it looks like cow milk, but the taste is a little off. I think it tastes a little bit saltier. Aline think it tastes like cardboard. It’s certainly drinkable, but we didn’t enjoy it very much.

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Dubai: mandatory Burj Khalifa shots

Well Burj Khalifa is probably one of Dubai’s most recognized landmark, and you can not escape taking pictures of it (and having pictures of you taken with it in the background), at least we didn’t.

Met with some friends (and former colleagues): one of them just moved in and was nice enough to invite us to sleep over (in exchange for not publishing photos of him with dogs… long story) , and attend his house-warming party.