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2012/12/09 - Uncategorized

Les Saintes

Les Saintes is a popular destination of Guadeloupe. With one of the most beautiful bay of the world (supposedly behind Rio and Ha Long), it is packed with nice beaches and lanscapes. The visit to the Fort Napoléon was an opportunity to learn a little bit about the history of the islands and to see half the island from a vantage point.

One popular way of travelling around the main island, Terre de Haut, is scooters (cars are almost non-existant). But with many slopes and bumpy roads, caution is advised.

2012/12/05 - Uncategorized

First wreck dive

No pictures today. Aline and I visited the “Franjack” today and it was our best dive ever. So many fishes in one spot, it was really impressive.

On a side note that shouldn’t discourage other divers, the dive stopped somewhat abruptly when our instructor got bitten by a 9-feet green moray.

This was the last dive of our courses.

2012/11/29 - Uncategorized

Night dive

I’ve been following the PADI Advanced Open Water course at one of the diving clubs of the Réserve Cousteau. One of the adventure dives (you can choose three topics) I chose was a night dive. This is what Malendure (the name of the beach) looked like a few minutes before leaving for the dive:

Next week, my last dive of the course will be a wreck dive.